Communication strategy is a wide discipline that includes many aspects. This course addresses students who already have a strong background in communication and wish to go further. It is part 1 of a two-part course for this level.

This course is aiming to give students a new vision of what communication strategy implies with a special focus on the building a communication strategy from scratch. The course will be organized in lessons, each relating to a specific theme. Students shall be able to conceive a proper communication strategy including content creation and the use of various mediums.

They will learn how to:

  • Create a strategy for a new brand concept
  • Define strategic goals
  • Do a brand diagnostic
  • Identify the target
  • Define the KPIs

Course Batches

Programme de Formation

Strategic communication: what, why, who, how?
Strategic communication: what, why, who, how? 00:30:00
Quiz: Strategic communication: what, why, who, how? 00:05:00
Quiz: Strategic communication: what, why, who, how? 00:10:00
Defining strategic goals
Defining strategic goals 02:00:00
Quiz: Defining strategic goals 00:05:00
Quiz: Defining strategic goals 00:10:00
Brand diagnosis
Brand diagnostic 01:00:00
Quiz: Brand diagnostic 00:05:00
Quiz: Brand diagnostic 00:15:00
Segmentation 00:30:00
Quiz: Segmentation 00:05:00
Quiz: Segmentation 00:20:00
Make it real!
Make it real! 00:45:00
Quiz: Make it real! 00:05:00
Quiz: Make it real! 00:20:00

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