The idea

Challenge students and professionals to ecnourage them to learn and assess their achievements in a playful way with our platform that uses game mechanics.


Using Smart Me Up gives the possibility to take steps, as in a game, and win challenges, badges and points to reach the top of the leaderboard while visualizing achivements and progression throughout time.

Educational complement

Our platform is an extra tool to enhance students' and instructors' motivation and engagement to help them learn and perform better every day.

Features for all!

With all its features, Smart Me Up is the solution you need to learn better.

Private space

Each student has a private space in which she'll find the topics she follows, quizzes, challenges and stats along with her progression and dahsboard. Instructors can add or modify quizzes and questions, and access their students' stats.


The idea of challenge is at the heart of our concept. Students can easily train in the different topics and increase the difficulty to improve their position in the leadeboard, but also challenge other students.


Learning paths are personnalized and offer various levels letting the user test her skills. The results let her visualize her own progression but also see where she stands compared to other users.


Progression is essential: Smart Me Up lets each student visualize the evolution of her results during the course in real time via a dedicated dahsboard.


Interaction is encouraged, whether between students or with instructors. The chat system will enhance interactions and discussions.


Teamwork between students is a strong asset: learning to transmit, share and go further together not only because of affinities but accordingly to each student's level.


As easy as it's intuitive!

Our mission is to bring a turnkey solution to instructors and students to let them approach training through new usages and behaviors.

Videos, supports and interaction allow to better position oneself and evolve at one's own rhythm while acquiring solid skills.



100% online, those courses are built to discover new topics, strenghten existing skills or simply learn new ones with complete autonomy. MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) are designed for all.

Formations mixtes

Les formations mixtes sont liées à des sessions en classe avec l'enseignant. Celui-ci peut alors tester les étudiants aux fur et à mesure de son cours mais aussi leur donner des travaux à réaliser en ligne en-dehors des sessions de cours


Smart Me Up happy student


Yes, registration is mandatory.

It depends on the courses: some are free, others are paying courses. Instructors set their courses' price.

No: offline courses are linked to class sessions and can't therefore be taken by students not belonging to the class. Other courses are accessible only after validating specific courses (usually the previous level).

No, all contents belong to the instructors. Only they can grant you the authorization to use their documents.


Trained instructors

Numerous topics



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